The End of the World

Written by: Tom Larrow

In this world we seek wealth and that better life 
Finding lies, debt, plague and fear, in this forest of strife 

Spirit weak, hopeless, afraid to answer when any query is raised 
behind apathy and delusion hide, thinking earth will be unfazed 

See the deadly dregs of destructive waste, defiled sea and sand
With our befouling of the heavens, mutating plant and man

Creating wealth is the priority, of humanity on earth
Pantology repressed, to seed arrogance not mirth

The people's voice was muted, for way to many years 
Unanswered questions persist, we can't afford to fear 

Still round the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate
To save our world and all humanity from their present fate

Is it possible to correct our mistakes and save this great land 
Seems ironic to say but, "Our fate is in the Peoples Hands".