Written by: tone jaxson

An ivory smile and eyes that GLOWED
His penetrating words reached my SOUL

A prophet, a poet but human all the SAME
So young and burdened with too much GAME

His work was an outlet to relieve the PAIN
The trials of his life overwhelmed his BRAIN

I saw the pain I suffered reflected in his EYES
I heard the words I felt come from his throat and RISE

Blessed with the knowledge that shoulda set us FREE
But the devil intervened so it could not BE

I know what it’s like, a side all bull SHIT
Not all good or bad causes inner CONFLICT

All these things I say hoping it’s not too LATE
To reach those others who I know can RELATE

And touch their souls like he came and touched MINE
Unlike your demise yo words came right on TIME

We miss u TUPAC

Written & copyrighted by Tone Jaxson