Caution of the Root

Written by: Stephan McBride

Be cautious of the root which sprouts up
its desire is to pull one  into the world
pulling back into the ground
its purpose is  to entangle one 
keeping them caught up
in everyday worries and strife
it will grab a hold of your leg so you can not walk
pulling and tugging 
wrapping your arms trying to keep you from
giving a signal for help
to be blind of your surroundings
and hearing so much chaos to become deaf
money is the main cause to get stuck
and no love feeds it ways
if one is living for this world
 then the root is working its magic
There is only One
which can command it to let go
never being able to get to you again
Jesus is the name
For He sends the root back in the ground where it belongs
cuts off the ways of this world
providing a new direction to grow 
and will make one a branch 
of the living tree
that shall never wither and die
placing one in precious soil 
that gives eternal life
guiding one to His Father
which is above in control
of the past, present, and all to come