Jamaica our native land

Written by: Demeter Edwards

Have you forgotten your native land, the days when our ancestors sweat and harvest?
crop with their hands, Jamaica our black Negro land
the name itself is a brand

Have you forgotten the Jamaican national bird, our charming doctor bird?
can you remember that national dish we call ackee and saltfish
out of many one people, Jamaica human race, a land, a wonderful place
where human beings express their smile on their happy face

Have you forgotten the national heroes who fought for us and thus who died 
for us, can you remember this all, these seven national heroes and one heroine who
stood tall, although our country was small
these were the one's who made it remain still and not fall

The last sentence in the national anthem I shall recall
Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica land we love
created by the heavenly father above.

Demeter Edwards