Face your fears

Written by: John Castro

when faced with a clearing upon a path 
are you more likely to walk or take a ride
is the answer more important than the question you ask 
or is your journey just a result of your pride

when is it the most that you feel alive 
is it the conjure of voices in a crowd 
or is it that voice that triggers your drive 
when you can hear your heart beating loud 

does it take someone near you to realize you are breathing 
is it the breath you feel inside your lungs
is it their heart that keeps yours beating
or is it their words that slip from your tongue 

do you quest to live in a world where everyone agrees 
a result of a reality where everyone is dreaming 
does the world exist simply to find those to please 
or do you choose existence where you give yourself meaning 

does thinking of the universal fear keep yourself from you 
the idea of being alone clouding your thoughts 
as the convictions of others dictate what you do 
while the mind forgets what it has been taught 

does the flame of your heart flicker from others doubts 
as evening beckons you to sleep 
or does your heart tell what you're about 
when the world causes you to weep 

when you walk a road at night 
is your shadow the only company you need 
or does that thought instill fright
in the twilight when the dawn recedes 

when thoughts web and cloud your mind 
are you sure that they are your thoughts that you are hearing 
or is it when you left others behind 
that the light is shed on what you have been fearing