Dark Woods BY DW


Stark silhouetted silent trees, like gravestones mark the ground,
where disquiet souls of long lost men, in mists of death abound.
A silence binds the fearful minds of all who enter here,
and senses scream against the fear that draws the spectres near. 
A feeble moons distracted light, lends shadows to the gloom,
where any careless footstep may invite a dreadful doom.
The whispered cry of owl or ghost, sends shivers through the leaves,
to lift the hair on ice cold nape and disjoint shaken knees.
A thousand stares of black despair, keep watch throughout the glade,
Their mist seeks out unwary souls to bind them to the shade.
This dreadful place, unhallowed ground, the dare of those who would,
to brave that eerie haunt of they, who walk the deep dark wood.

This was such an inviting  prompt I couldn’t resist. The Photo’s 
Took me back to my childhood and a challenge that went
unanswered for many years, to walk through a small wood
and touch the wall of a ‘haunted’ ruin. I have tried to 
Recapture the first couple of steps (as far as I ever got)
into that frightening place.