Written by: Grobb Johnson

Here I am while there you are.
I feel you so close while we're so far.
I'm gone off, somewhere beyond
while being next to you, I've grown so fond.
Sure I have a lot to do,
but instead I'm filled, with thoughts of you.

Your warming smile, your curvy hips.
Your arousing scent your moistened lips.
Your soothing touch, your such soft skin.
For you I keep, a special place within.
You're my sunny day with skies so blue.
You fill me full, with thoughts of you.

You're so good to me as you're so sweet.
How'd I get so lucky, you're quite the treat.
You make me feel so special, you're so full of care.
Being away from you's been quite hard to bear.
But really, missing you can't bring me down.
Cause it feels to good to know that you're around.
We could be so far apart I could be on the moon,
and it wouldn't matter one bit because I will see you soon.
I'll hold you close, and kiss you too.
And pour out with, my thoughts of you.