Written by: Summer Arthur

Seduction, your words pull me in,

Drag me under like an ocean's wave,

Stoke the flaming sparks inside my heart.

Your whispers, like a hex,

An enchantment, have bewitched me

Until I am no longer knowing my own self.

(What would you do for the

 Chance at Love so pure, yet so

 Evil and tainted it could rip your heart

 Right out if it breaks?

 What could you do?

 Would you flee like a caged

 Bird, beating it's wings furiously

 Upon the cage bars without a way out?

 Would you stand defiant,

 Resigning to your fate but re-

 Fusing to back down, let the tears fall?

 Would you hide inside your

 Mind, empty of everything but

 A fantasy realm you created?

 Would you bury your head in

 Your hands and cry, shame and

 Mortification seeping into your pores?

 What would you choose?

 What COULD you choose?)