The Old Dog

Written by: Daniel McAdams

The old dog lay 
And opened an eye
As he heard the sound
Of a passerby

Dressed in a suit
A black tie to complete
As he walked home
From a business meet

The old dog rolled over
For the porch got stiff quick
And he feared if he laid
Too long that he'd stick

He rolled to his feet
Gave a mighty big stretch
As his mind wandered back
To the days he played catch

For he was a young pup then
So sprightly and free
He'd run 'round all day
With no cares or worries

But the years flew on by
To a dog they go fast
And a pup's youthfulness
Does not an eternity last

His days are now filled
With much of the same
Laying out front
And watching for rain

And watching the people
They don't seem to mind
And once in a while
An activity he'll find

To break the routine
And throw in some fun
But once that is over
It's back to the sun

And watching and sleeping
As the days wind on passed
As each day fades by
The same as the last