The Creator

Written by: Erin Nash

He lit a match to the sun
and it filled with yellow fire
he dropped a tear on a landscape
the colour was sapphire.

He drew a circle in the night sky
in a backround of sparkling dots
he put a colour in each eye
and gave angels, wings to fly.

He gave a beat to each heart
gave us light to turn off the dark
built a canvas for our paint
carved statues of saints.

He gave a noise to each sound
a tune to each note
concrete to every ground
a mind to each vote.

He shaped mountains for us to climb
he greened a crisp valley
Put ears to a grapevine
and a count to each talley.

He flew a kite to each wind
a sail to every wave
sunsets to be dimmed
and gave courage to the brave.

He composed a song for each bird
an enchant to every forest
letters for each word
the sun, rain and mist.

He coloured flesh to each skin
an expression to each face
time to each clock
and a tick to each tock.