Oh my love

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

I can hear the whispers as we walk away with i in your arms.

Oh love do you not know i am here.
For we have became worlds away yet i am wanting your heart here with me.
Neither time nor distance has changed me for i am the one you always have loved.
And I have always loved you.

We have been like the ships whom pass in the night.
One married and one not.
There has never been a convienant time for us two, to even have a talk
Is it too late my love. I am positive it is. 

For will my heart always yearn for you.
Oh love do you not know i am here.
We knew each other as children then teens and now adults.
Yet we are so far apart.

Do you ever find yourself whispering my name as I do yours
Oh my love do you not know i am here.

Dedicated to you my love.