Elegant Elf

Written by: bilkan erkmen

Thou art the passion that flows through my veins,
Such that ignited my heart with a little spark,
This then turned my frozen heart into a smoldering core,
Thy mighty and forever-lasting love made it to a great flame,
Scorching my soul and mind till there is nothing left but a slave for thy love.
The grandness of thy love made that flame to reach even the farthest stars,
Shaking their stillness with my emotional outburst,
Which became the reality itself through tears and shivering.
Thy perfection is my stream of life like golden stairs leading to your heart,
Guiding me towards the invigorating sensation of companionship.
Thou art the personification of elegance, intelligence and beauty.
Thy excellent complexion gives me ease and placate,
Like an elf sauntering gracefully through the tranquility of the forest.
I love thee so much,
My beautiful queen.