Always Be

Written by: wendy okeke

a friend you were, and still are
priceless and rare your crown today
the comfort of your friendly smile 
the words of your spiteful lips
but friends we will always be

your strength and fears are mine also
your happiness a high stand for me
so my dear times might get rough
and test the power of this bond
yet friends we will always be

the joy of walking in the same path
and stomp out those that see it wrong
endeared to me you are my friend
a friend i sort, a sister i found
so friends we will always be

so when windy and stormy threats prevail
i'll stand and hold you to the ground
and if we start to lose our stance
my hand in yours we will survive
and friends we will always be

fear not my friend this time shall pass
with us in victory, yes you will see
and when the night arrives in the day
do not forget me as you sleep
my friend you will always be...