Eating cake

Written by: Leonard Taormina

The caterpillar on his mushroom smoking from a bong;
Janet and her brother mike crooning some old song.
The gossip queen jumps head first on a juicy piece of news;
While the union from the actors guild is looking for their dues.
Those silky thighs he used to love with directions known so well;
Took him on a dangerous path to a place that some call hell.
The barista serves her potion with a frenzied whip to cream;
And from behind you salivate but you can only dream.
And the monkey at the mansion keeps digging in his butt;
And the squirrel is looking everywhere trying to find his nuts.
Isn’t life so wonderful and isn’t life so grand;
But who are all these ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand
I’ve been watching so intently till I think I’m going blind;
But mostly it’s just robots that seldom change their minds.
So clean the lenses of those glasses set in frames of jade;
And maybe you’ll enjoy yourself with these jesters on parade.