Christmas Spirit Christmas Love

Written by: Debbie Knapp

Twinkling lights flash as if dancing. A cold breeze stirs’ sending colors shooting about. Chimney’s come alive as all gather for warmth; sharing stories that end with hardy deep laughter!
Coat’s galore and mittens too, keep you toasty for oh so much more! Sounds of music and laughter spill through the air. Skipping and singing while strolling about; time is precious and joyful no doubt!  
Christmas spirit can be found throughout. Now with such beauty and childlike feelings all are filled with warmth and love. Peace fills the night sky; happily you hear, “Merry Christmas” from one to another.
Thinking of those we love with excitement and anticipation we search for wonderful gifts. Goose bumps travel our body just as that perfect thing comes along! 
Christmas love comes from God above; such warm joyful feelings are given as a blessing for all. Smiles on faces, faith in our hearts we send forth prayers for all a goodnight! 
The gift best given is the one from the heart. Share with the one you love, something special that’s part of you. No gift can compare; “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year filled with God’s Blessings for your New Year”!
                                                                               Debbie Knapp