30 seconds

Written by: Germaine Pasley

wandering blindly in the daylight, aimlessly shifting in the paths of life
a film of gray shielding the truth of the bleakness in my soul
having no thought to where i was going or why,
thinking there was no better life, unable to see the beauty of a touch.
i didnt believe in the color of a single kiss, couldnt imagine i deserved anything more.

then there was you...

you flustered me beyond my control, colors burst to life in my eyes
a single glance from you created a flutter in my once still heart
nervous and unsure, excited and anxious, you swept me off my feet
carried my body, heart, mind, and soul onto a new path.

In an instant i could see flames of color collide together,
enhancing, rejuvenating, claiming
created from a single kiss, just 30 seconds of my time

changed my life forever