Written by: Tirzah Conway

How can I possible trust you,
When you lie to me everyday;
I try to do my best, but still,
I can’t believe a word that you say;

Is it really that hard to tell the truth,
To be honest with me about it all;
Instead you proceed to lie and cheat,
And tell me you love me through it all;

You do all you can to deceive me,
And try to cover up your tracks;
Do you really think I’m that stupid?
To not see you going behind my back;

I try and I try to forgive you,
For the things you’ve done in the past;
But you do them again just to hurt me,
And expect my love to last;

I can’t put myself through hell again,
No matter what I feel for you;
I think the time has finally come,
For me to say we’re through…