Written by: Paul Sylvester

I wake to a budding dream
A floating start to the hours
In their unbroken clock-scream

A saintly battle fought on morning dew
Midasgold burning through the stale-cold
The poetry god triumphs anew

So repeating patterns are drawn and bold
As I stay in the grassy green cut
Eagerly watching life’s drama unfold.
The sun and moon in a grisly duel
The hostilities of an eternity, stretching thin
The eyes of morning, open and cool. 

As the day cries through its tears, and draws
The breathe of the black leopard into night
Clutching the world with her dark, intoxicating paws

And again! The saintly chariot yet drawn
A swimming disc, rolling ‘round through the unseen sky
Lets the complacent night alone till dawn.