Conflicted over Nancy's -BLANK- Verse

Written by: Susan Buchel

Boy, such a gas
Boy, so much fun
Boy, what a job
Boy, wanna run 

Oh, the pleasure
Oh, the pain
Oh, the freedom
Oh, the strain

Gee, a poem?
Gee, with blanks?
Gee, let's try it
Gee, no thanks!

Got an idee 
Got a glimmer
Got to figure
Got to simmer

Look, it's coming
Look, it's here
Look, I'm rhyming
Look, my dear !

Eek, I'm stymied
Eek, can't think
Eek, come on brain
Eek, on brink

Dang, I'm close now
Dang, I've got it
Dang, the word's come
Dang, in pocket!

Scrabble's a fine game
if with a Q not hobbled
But to tell you the truth,
I'd rather be BOGGLED!