a white space-part4

Written by: Gracie Bawden

(Eliza paces restlessly finding herself back at the door)

Eliza: Martha, I'm going through...and I want you to come with me.

Martha: I like it here, I...

Eliza: I know. I know you like it, but it''s not enough is it? You know what I think? I think our babies are behind that door. Nothing could draw a mother like this but her baby. (She pauses. She can see she''s getting through to her)
Can you really wake up feeling empty, lacking, pretend, again? So our babies might not be behind that door. It might be the doorway to hell. It's worth the risk...isn't it?

Martha: I...I can't go without Missie.

(A long pause as something changes in Missie''s face. Her concrete expression gives way to something Martha barely recognises, despite having lived with her for ten years. She looks troubled)

Missie: What if he''s there...my baby. He''d be ten now. All confused and hating his mother for wanting to give him up.

Eliza(she begins to understand Missie for the first time): You could talk to him. Try to make him understand.

Missie: He wouldn''t. He just wouldn''t.

Martha: At least you can say you tried.

Missie: Go...go without me.

(Martha embraces her. A motherly hug that she''s been wanting to give for fifty years)

Missie: You guys are gonna be great mothers.

(Martha and Eliza take a deep breath, hold hands and pass through the door, which emits a bright white light. It closes behind them, leaving Missie in what now seems to be a very large, very empty room. She climbs onto the bed, sits cross legged, taking a doll from beneath the sheets, stroking its hair and weeping)

Missie: I''m sorry baby. I am so sorry.

(She looks silently towards the door labelled ''depart'', and wipes a tear from her cheek. The lights dim)