One Fresh Day

Written by: Stacey Behal

Gobble gobble to and fro,
Meals prepared layed out for show,
Show thanks on this very day,
Coming once a year; then astray.
Roads become the one way ticket,
Families coome far to sit,
Around the table long or short,
Memories shared as the food aborts.
Munch, crunch, dinners served to each,
Turkey notes close at reach.
Open sayings to make one laught soft,
Stuffing ourselves; for later we'll loft.
As we gather them up in herds,
Food fresh; families close at heart,
Hearts at peace; giving thanks we start.
Give thanks for each and everything,
Give thanks for all the love each bring.
Plates so warm for most,
Turkeys' on the plate; as roast.
Time goes forward so keep all near,
Take each moment to share.
Share the holiday right here; right now,
As tomorrow snow may need a plow.
For Thanksgiving is one day long,
But Christmas is next in the song.
Wake up early to shop,
Clean up the table; take a mop.
Cheers to a new memory gone,
Look out front; Seeing the white filled lawn.