Written by: binibining p.iNk

A ship in a bottle…
that is who I am –
Never truly being able to sail free,
 trapped in melted silica.
How I yearn for this barrier to be shattered,
if only to ride the waves,
reaching then touching shore,
which happily tickles their feet...
Better yet, what I would give to be that sand.
How ironic that I put myself in this situation,
with only distorted images as my view.

She frolics in that vermilion dress,
as he happily makes footprints.
She shows him how the crab skitters past,
and they mimic its sideways walk.
The sun shines with them,
as the sea breeze dances along…

I hear their laughter,
but it is hollowed out
by the silent screaming waves of my heart…

I watch their happy scene unfold,
but my vision is blurred
by defiant tears that don’t dare fall.

I blink.

And see them clearly now…
They have moved on
             without me.