Regret - feat Michael J Falotico

Written by: Dinda Minardi

A bullet meant for one has somehow hit us both...
We tried to share more then we could but with little hope.. 
Now two hearts lay on the floor as pieces flow away..
I wanted you and her but my mind just couldn't stay..
To break one without the other is magic trick not found..
So now I lay here with my heart that barely makes a sound...
The hands of time I can not move or somehow change this mess..
I tried to have it all but I just ended up with less...
I damaged my own feelings by lying to her
Now I can’t live my days without my pearl
I never did realize, she makes my heart stirred
I’m on my insanity, my chance has been hurled
Her face now is my nightmare I can’t leave off
Lurking my thoughts of her wise and magic touch
What was inside me, I’d bled her heart and love
These make me drown my heart where evils crouch
Regret makes me awake yet in time kills me more 
Death would only make me suffer inside the earth’s core
To live this curse is my only option
Until her forgiveness drunk by me as the curing potion

First 8 stanza: By Michael J. Falotico
9th-end: me 


* Always a pleasure to collaborate with him :)