''The Plight of Alan Yardley''

Written by: David Lowe

Before I begin - please note in Britain ''JSA'' means ''Jobseekers Allwance'' - £147-00 per fortnight. Out of that comes mortgage, electricity, water and service charge - easy it aint ! - ''A few bob'' would be ''a few dollars'' in the U.S. ''Flat'' would be ''apartment''

The Plight of Alan Yardley

Do you know Alan Yardley ?
Not his real name - not even hardley

Alan smiles and tells a joke
Yet when he gets home he has to choke

He's on JSA - can't pay his bills
Another victim of today's ills

He wonders how things got so bad
Remembering when he was a lad

For then he had money to spend
Today he cannot comprehend.....

.....why he cannot get a job
He only wants to earn a few bob

To pay the mortgage on his flat
Plus other bills on the mat

I'm sure you know him, I'm sure you do
For Alan is really me......and you....