Written by: Hart Adolphus

A feeling so strong so true,
takes you so high like a plane from belview.
You'll get to places you ain't been before,
and everyday you'll keep praying it comes even more.
You've never seen your heart so relaxed when 
you're with her,
and it breaks and tears you apart when she is afar.
Sometimes you can't even seem to sleep,
you keep hoping she'll call or atleast give you a beep.
People who say to you these feelings don't last,
You'll pray they die, you'll see their corpes and walk pass.

A feeling so strong, so true,
everyday its like it grows long and looks new.
Your heart is heavy with expressions you can't say,
not even when she asks "dear what do we talk about today?
A feeling so deep and so tense...
but to you, it makes great and exceptional sense.
It cages your mind, body and soul...
they ask "would you like to be free? 
and you smile and still keep saying no.
One second with her you'll kill for, atleast..
but when its up, you start acting like little Oliver Twist.
You see her, you see an unapproachable light,
you hear her and it takes away all your might.

A feeling so strong, so true,
keeps you on an edge, you just don't know what to do.
What is it about her, in words you can't describe,
"I loose you, I die" on the tablets of your heart these words are 
deeply inscribed.
All you see is her, yourself and no one else,
it erases feelings you had or one time felt.
To you, everything means nothing...
she sits by you and your heart starts pumping.
For her, all pains you can bear,
including those of your worse nightmare
A feeling so strong so true.
as the days pass by, 
you keep praying she spends the rest of her life with you.