Standing strong

Written by: Sue Tape

Too many times i wonder why
I sit alone, i weep, i cry
Many thoughts race through my mind
What do i want and how do i find

How do i find myself again
When the past haunts me every night
I wake in a shivvered frenzy
For in your eyes all i saw was spite

You told me that i would die
And it would be your hand at work
Youd cut my throat leave me to bleed
It was a twisted mind that lurked

You made me live in fear that day
That my children would find me dead
That thought has never left my mind
It will always be inside my head.

Yes i know i walked away from you
And a marriage i vowed to keep
But i couldnt live that life no more
I was to scared to close my eyes and sleep.

Now my life has turned around
And i have found something new
A man who loves me for who i am
I can feel his love for me is true.

So i will continue my lifes journey
And i am not ever looking back
Because the life i lived for so long before
Has finally gotten itself back on track.

Now my future seems even brighter
For the emptiness has finally gone
Instead there lies a brand new hope
Of love, honesty, my true place that i belong..

written by Likey