Written by: Sarah Casey

I applaud you 
you came first again
ripping out my heart
again and again-
with a spoon
so the dull pain was imbearable 
and you had to watch me suffer,
watch me bleed before your demonic eyes,
all over misinterpreted excuses.
You lie.
And you place the blame on me,
how cold can your heart get?
Latching onto any confidence of mine and killing it-
in words that you don't say
words that I once ignored,
and now I'm the fool
I'm the fool with her heart open
the fool who fell in love and out of it
but once you fall again-
you're out.
You're either stuck in the vision of hope
or lost in the forest of regret.
Without a compass,
no sense of direction, it's all gone.
The feelings' numb,
I no longer know what it is to feel love,
to trust,
you took that all away from me
just like you have every time.