this my pain
that never really goes away
has become so much
another part of me
a part that comes and goes
like the changing moon phases

this vicious cycle of hurt in me
just goes round and round
like a ring
and it never seems to cease or halt
and it hurts so bad
it really hurts!
and maybe if i hug myself tight
i could squeeze it put eventually

so let me sit here on this grass
with the rain falling ll over me
let me cry till i find some peace
till this pain,i can no more see
that  these tears mingle with the rain
and i shall feel no more pain
and this cold make my skin numb
for more man y a trying time

here i am all alone
how I've been
how I'll always be
but maybe
just maybe
will you hold m y hand
and squeeze just a tiny bit
so i may feel alone no more
so i may feel
someone listening to my pain
for just this once
for it seems
no one ever understands my tears
maybe I'm just too complicated

so just play me a violin
a slow,sad,soothing song
maybe over this pain, I'll win
and feel much better ere long
then i shall lay on my pillow
and let my last tears follow
and cry one again to sleep
but awake manana with new hope.