I am trying to be bright
To laugh and smile
Like everything’s alright
I can no more fight
I am too jaded
Too strained
My nerves too stretched
To feel a damn thing

 Think I’ve gone numb
More from too much heat
Than from ice cold

Something died inside
Somewhere where my heart beats
Something has gone off
Like a candle light
Gone poof!

Now I feel a little ill
A little too depressed
And too stressed

Maybe I’ll sleep a little
Or lay in bed 
And daydream
Dream beautiful dreams
Of places and people
Who smile and cry with me
When it seems
I am all alone
In life’s black sea

Maybe I’ll just close my eyes
And my mind
And close out every little thought
Happy or not
And just float
Like a lost astronaut
Floating eternally
Through time and the blackness
Of space.
Let my stress fade
To nothingness.