Fiction-ing Mirror

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Another beautiful dawn with new hopes
What I see guess some unconscious joke
Someone not known in mirror reflects
Gestures working as per my own reflex
Ah! I wish it be not even any dream
Whatever looks I hold my first theme
Be it ugly to few or beautiful to some
I am at least an owner of what I am
Washed again and again still new i see
May be face does not matter much 
Still it somewhere marks my identity
Hope its just a fiction no destiny role
Else would fight the heaven and earth
To get back with “only my” face mirth
What should I do its not evading past
Retrace back to the times image last
Mirror O’ Mirror play not this game
Bring me back for it carries my name
Be it a nightmare not the mornings
Mirror show me the one was born in
After all face completes me simply
Let the change be just a fiction story