The Scrabble Beast

Written by: Natalie The Rogue Rhymer

One day my pal Nancy 
Asked to play Scrabble with me
I’d never played before so thought
How difficult could this be?

It’s just some silly letters
Arranged to make some words
Any second grader could do this
Hell I’d even take on the nerds!

So Nancy and I placed down a wager
And started the intense game
Wow the words she compiled!
The Scrabble Beast was hard to tame

I used my seven free tiles
To construct the word ‘bequest’
She laughed and said, ‘that all you got’
The Scrabble Master not impressed

I tried to hang in there with her
But found her far too astute
No surprise about an hour later
She left will all my loot!

***FYI:  I love nerds :)  I would have used the more 'socially-acceptable' term 'geek' if it would have rhymed :)