beginning, freedom, middle, end

Written by: Jesse Kaler

part 1
from start to finish
the start is opening its cover
to show us its freedom,
to show us its start,
and when that lead lined 
cover will open the 
beginning story will start
and that story shows
shows freedom, when
that first book has
slammed shut,
the second cover will
swing up...

part 2

in that second story
the tale will be explained,
in your life
your explanation will be
in words you know.
while that story is being 
read aloud,
your eyes will open wide,
and you will see that
cover slam shut
as the final words are read

part 3

when that third book will open
you know that these are the last words.
from the beginning freedom
to the middle and now end
you have heard words in the book,
no one knows your language,
but the one who spoke it to you,
you were taught by
             I AM
as the final cover closes
you need not read again.