The Testimony

Written by: Lori Lucas McClure

Yes, friends songs have been sung about salvation, poems wrote, declarations of

freedom declared, but it is my testimony I now wish to share.

Entangled in Satan’s snare I had no doubt why I ended up there!

Only half listening, laying my best laid plans for Jesus I’d take my stand,

on my terms of course ,he would understand!

I was on the right path of that I had no doubt

Satan could not touch me I was too smart to take sins route.

What I didn’t count on was now obvious to see…

He had me dead in his sights my soul no longer free!

That’s what happens when you decide to live your own way!

Yes, too late I realized he had me and he was insisting I stay!

Sin truly cost me more than I could ever pay!

To my knees I fell and begin to pray.

Jesus heard my cry and there He was right by my side.

He picked me up and dusted the sin from my soul, and said

“Child this is not the way to go!”

Back on the straight and narrow I will walk with 

great care.………but what is that over there?

See it is easy to go astray so be diligent , watch 

and pray for what’s over there may be your undoing someday!