Blue Eyes Grey

Written by: Clay Young jr.

Blue Eyes Grey

My doors are closed
My windows, boarded
My walls, reinforced
To you

The grass was greener in our youth
Another side, a fence, a way
Just the color of young hearts
Contrasting brown yards of today
Fading blue eyes grey

I once kept a fire lit in your name
But i burnt my wood in vain
Now i burn it to keep you at bay
In every piece i carve your name
How i hate the embers so..

We were read inside out
I opened up
You wrote our song
You shut down
I moved along
We are red inside out

Walking on a sphere
Takes you far, yet returns you here
Deja Vu is lacking, for you
3 dimensions aren't enough

Doesn't really matter
If i'm wrong, or write
Pages tear, and tatter
Blue words are black and white
The paper yellows slowly
Long after those who know me
Colors once so vivid
Are all the same at night