Written by: Drake Eszes

A wet coin on the mall floor
of sanity's foolish hope

Lies next to others
thrown away by desperate measures
with limited dreams

As they sip on frappucinos;
non-fat coated sin.

Their broken backs
walking with stolen canes
off broke back mountains;
in God we doubt

Another exodus with no occupational hazards,
just dramatizations of puncturing joy on tongue

Torment cry the cries of soliloquy lunacy

Lunar eclipse of the heart;
crater meltdowns into stratospheric limitations

poured into impurity perfection

Hollowed certainty,
sharp tongued cryptic verbiage 
not claiming emotion

The crippled, run
their mouth

Silent conundrums
running towards field of dreams,
they never came

Faking it
to make it

Once again

© Drake J. Eszes