Written by: Kolapo Olapoju

Need these tales be told? 
Need the world read my deeds? 
Need i share? 
Rhetorics from a fool to another. 
Mortals know not. 
Only HIM is informed, 
We are yet unformed. 
Are we there yet?. 
i ask the driver of life's wagon. 
Like Ice cube, 
i'm panicky. 
Hoping for the best, 
but expecting surprises. 
Its title, 
i know not even, 
but its premiere, 
i painfully yearn. 
'There's not much to be told' 
So goes the story's moral. 
Even in this regard, 
patience is the advice. 
Who am i to fight the elements? 
Who am i to claim to know? 
Its not yet my day to share, 
Its not yet my hour to tell. 
Once again, 
my curse, my compass.