Thinking of You

Written by: Mackenzie Brooke

Life's no fun when you're living in the dark, Everyone has talent from the start, From the beginining, you'll discover the truth, About you... You just have to grab some sticks, beat on a drum, Or grab a mic and just start to hum... I knew there was something about me from the beginining, Everyone told me I could not sing. :( But look at me now, I'm singing my heart out. No one's going to tell me what to do, So why can't I stop thinking of you? <3 I sing and I dance to the beat of my heart, I act of romance in theater art. I write and believe in poetry, And I try to make the perfect cup of tea. Sometimes my imagination gets ahead, Of me, I thought you would laugh but instead, You Laughed at my face, made so many burns, You singed my heart.