Resolve For A Positive Option To Pass The Test Of Time

Written by: Carvais Washington

There are people who express their frustrations in extreme and fatal ways which take them out of the equation of "The Test of Time". These "Tests" are given to every last one of us at birth. There are millions of versions of these "Tests" due to the variables in their environments which they were brought up in. There are some inevitable variables though that wind up fatal regardless. I feel in these fatal situations, these people would have a blessing from the creator due to these unstoppable events. no matter Rich, Stable, or Poor, these "Tests" are here for everyone to go through. Fact: The elders of this world have "Resolved" many "Tests" or their lives would have been shortened before they would've reached 60,70,80,90, or even a whole century of lifespan on this planet! Imagine the many "Resolutions" they have to share with us through their "Tests" they had to take. Some of their "Tests" are very similar to ours of these current times, even though the trends are very different. No matter what, everybody gets slapped from time to time by life, you must suggest to yourself a positive"Resolve" and push forward. I have went through many "Tests" in the 36 years of my life and had to examine my options for a positive "Resolve" in these "Tests" and I expect many more in the future. So if you meet someone who says they rarely are "Tested" by life or they "Resolve" their obstacles swiftly, they're lying, because like I said they happen to everybody, some are sudden and there are some "Tests" that your only "Resolve" is to walk away from in a since and let it take it's course!