Written by: Oluwadamilare Adedayo

<>Don't miss the lyrics
while listening to the melody
the melody are all yours
 Don't ask me my name
but identify me by my nature
don't ask your friend if I'm around
your neighbor cant tell you my best
 The whole world knows m name
but few are able to identify me
many enjoy my melody
but little know the lyrics and all agree that i'm sweet
 I then look at them as ignorant s
some people said because of me they
are cheated another said
they capture them because of me
 I then asked people why
I've said it times without numbers
my name is not enough
you need to know me in person
that's when you can fell
and know my nature
My melody is not enough
you need to know the lyrics
for you to know the message
I'm trying to pass and not be carried away

I don't desire to loss anyone
so why die because of me
I'm to put smile on every face
why then do you cry because of me
 Some say I'm scared
and some doubt it if i
truly exist when I'm always
around for people, but there
is no reasonable communication
between us which give ways for
strange occurrence
 Try to know me especially
who i am and search little 
for my name