My Dad is Special

Written by: Debbie Knapp

My Dad is Special.
My dad is many things to many for many reasons. My heart holds a special place filled with memories of dad and me. After all what is more special than daddies little girl? 
My dad took time from his busy day filled with work and bills to raise me the little girl that was now his at the age of eight! Now his days at times with little girl things and tantrums too for reasons; I’m sure he didn’t quite understand. Dad just went with the flow and loved me any old way!
My dad did special things and took me places. He listened to me whine and cry about things too. He always told me it’s alright to cry and things always work out. 
My dad put up with me bringing several big dogs home from the pound. He did what a special dad would do, gave them a home too! I often brought home a stray of some kind and he always found room for it. My dad even found a baby alligator in the shower once; but it had to go, after all he did have limits!
My dad was there to support my dreams and tell me I could do anything I wanted to. He told me how smart I was. When I played the piano at times I know now how bad it must have sounded but he told me how good I played. That’s because my dad loved me so much.
Looking back, I would not change a thing about my dad, he’s the best and I love him with all my heart! To my dad this poem says’, “Thank you for raising, caring for, and loving me.”
                                                                    Your Little Girl Now Grown, 
                                                                                 Debbie Knapp