Empty Avenues

Written by: Erin Nash

Through vacant atmospheres
the landscapes of seagull town,
and the ears that hear the silent outcries,
lies the riddles that gallop unpredictable songs
that rises hues of pallad sunsets.
I'd leave you alone with your thoughts,
thoughts of empty avenues
and speeches of people so few.
Watching the running rainbow
beginning the curtains close
blowing every dandelion
sketching the statues pose.
The wild flowers have withered
and my tears can't breathe.
Cant entice the hearts of stone
finding my words without a tone.
Blunt thorns consume minds
plain puzzle pieces aren't hard to find.
Dry raindrops trickle down my arm
parchments of apathy hosting arid harm
paper illusions flying low
we all dance bashfuly solo.
As I capture the lights
on wet road nights
I wish you'd follow me
up to brighter days
away from this maize