Written by: Benedict Riman Eze


Oh dear, don’t forget	 
The day I met you	
Oh dear, don’t forget
The day I ask you
In the River fence 
Oh dear, don’t forget
The day I love you

Is not by my fault 
Is not by your fault 
Our love was so sweet
Our love was so good
Our love was so swallow 
The shadow of the people
The hatred of those people

May I say to you my love
Will not die. Oh dear.
Your wide eye figure mirrored my soul
That burn my thought
Rofem, you are dear, I could not pray for 
Another Angel, oh dear I couldn’t not looked
At any body cos you are the screen 

Saver of my imagination, oh dear
The thought of you, oh dear
 Make me cool like, oh dear 
The wave in the sea, oh dear.

Dedicated to Agness for our love sake.

It is a love poem, about a girl I love and she quite the relationship.

For the good old days and for our love sake it is not my forth it ended thanks for the time giving.