Written by: Benedict Riman Eze


Sweet Nymph of my heart.

The Merit of true passion,

Pierces me though, I’m not smart

It holds me ransom for compassion


For knowing you deserve salute attention

A worthy soul of extreme perfection

All I desire but do not deserve

Is a place, Is your affection


Your beauty is just like the wing

Kisses everything she is touching

Since you are only exquisite

You are laudable to be love by sight


If I do not posses all your love

Honey I shall never have it all

For I can’t move, mount or air to control my nerve

not to make rain face fall


Your endless beauty

Which is unworthy

of me who am filthy

Sweet rose, you are all I desire

In this air and forever nest

For your beauty is radiant that fire

and will consume eternity my mind test

Rofem, you will fire saltire soul in desire.



It is a poem of 24 lines divided into 5 stanzas which has 4 line per stanza with Rhyming scheme of AbAb. Expect in stanza 2 and 3 that have different Rhyming scheme.

          It was written back days when I was in love with a girl and she was everything I wanted for this world.



(1)            Love

(2)            Desire

(3)            Attention

(4)            Affection