Written by: Benedict Riman Eze


“Mother of all mothers’
“Here lies she”

Oh! Oh!! Oh!!!” death whereth thy 
Sting” methinks ye powerful.
But thy creator is over thee.
“Death be not proud”

cos, here lies the emblem of 
love which ember that embrace
the embryo that embodies me.
Here lies the womb to the tomb

Here lies mother, on mother earth
By mother nature“ Death be not proud 
Love dies when ome omit her soul
“Death be not proud”

Beauty of African Woman
Culture in African style
Brought up in African love
Respect “Here lies she”

Death ye thou are highest science
But am console in the creator
Cos, He created every thing
To him self.
 “Here lies pacifist mother

I know she lies in His bosom
Cos, ye have no power over soul
“Mother of all mothers” thou have
Lived well, and made a happy end.

Here no man can remain, unless
Thou have not related with thy creator
“Mother of all mother”
“Here lies she”

It is writing for my mother who died on 21/May 2006. When I saw the grave I could not hold the tears and I decided to write this for her.

Written in igonigoni Abi L.G.A. Cross River State.

1.	That – death is not the only end
2.	Thou it is the highest science 
It is only God who can unravel death.
3.	That a time will come when all
 Will be called to heaven
4.	Death has no power over the soul