Written by: Benedict Riman Eze

Thou my day spent like,
The sun in sky.
Shined like a diamond in 
The diaper,
My life thought pored out rays,
A solider thought about going
And not coming.

A king that has not been crowned
Ah! Ah!! Ah!!! It is only when
Its down you remember the sun.
     I the creator of images from thought

The creator of symbolism from mind
The molder of life’s by my writing
The molder of conscience by images
     If I could write my own part,

I will not be gotten
If I could see the days to come
I will be remember now, but late gotten
Tell my children, children, children, am a poet.

The hero that was note given
 Part poet
I have not fought any war but 
Human conscience                                                                       
Now my heart heavy after 
Death I am a hero


It is written after reading biography of so many poets that it is only after dead that they are remember. So am saying that I should be remember when am alive or tell my children. It is the wish of a very body to know the extend in which he/she has contributed to life. It is also the wish of poet to be remember when they are still alive. Dedicated to all poets. Place of writing
Igonigoni in Abi Cross River State Nigeria.

1.	One importance is not always acknowledge until they are gone, A poet wants it to be turn aside to be acknowledge when still alive.
2.	That they should be remember now and tell his children, children, children that he is a hero but he has not fought any war but conscience.