neighbor dog

Written by: joy bohland

Poor neighbors dog
poor neighbors dog.

Neighbor comes out
of his house
wonders whats wrong
face concerned. 
For his
dog paces 
back and forth
lowers his rear
closer and closer 
to the ground
Over and over he tried again.

Poor neighbors dog.

Cheddar cheese 
at the crime scene
neighbor finds 
to his surprise.
Cleans it up.
Walks away
happy its been resolved.
Never again will his dog be stopped up.

Two weeks later:
dog pacing his cage
trying and trying 
but to his owners dismay...

An older man 
found sneaking away 
with a sweet smile on his face
in the early dawn,
half running, half limping away.
Chunks of cheese falling out of his pocket...
Jumps up the porch 
runs in the door:
"Dad, where were you at so early?"