rude hat

Written by: joy bohland

You just suddenly appeared
in my favorite coffee place,
before you there was nothing to see here,
foreign accent and a hat shadowing your face.

I looked back to make sure
your face was as I remembered.

Your voice deep in discussion
with some lucky someone
and I... 
wish it was me

It makes me wanna take off your hat
and tossle your hair
and give you something you don't need to wear
I worry you'll get a cold at your place all alone.
A guy like you should never be alone...

Your lap could forever be my chair
the only place I ever sit.
Your arms the only coat I ever wear.
I'll button us both up, a perfect fit.

And it makes me wanna slowly approach,
throw off your hat 
miles and miles away.
Only wanna see your face,
rude hat just gets in the way.