Written by: mary alexis agulay

When I'm lonely you always makes me feel glad
Whenever you lie or do something bad
I stare at you and I look like i'm mad
But deep inside you never knew that I'm sad

I want to be with you forever, seriously
But you're the kind of boy that full of jealousy
You told me that i'm with other boys that are so plenty
And I told you it's normal cause I'm friendly

One day I told myself that you're really my only one
But I think our trust with each other is already gone
So I think I need to cut our happiness and fun
And accept that our relationship needs to be done

So now I put our relationship a dot
I hope you'll accept it and just forgot
You know I really love you, but
You gave me reason to hate you a lot

After a few months of not with you
I started panicking cause I don't know what to do
I cried and cried without any clue
I just realize that I still love you