What Have I Done the confessions of an Egyptian teen

Written by: mostafa zaki

hello bartender , please serve me a shot for what i have done i wish i forgot i lied to my parents and went to smoke weed stole money from a friend , when i was lead by my greed i mugged little kids , i sent them home with tears i was under age , and went to drink beers i vandalized a house,shattered all its glass then went to its yard and burned all the grass i went to a party , and forged an ID i drank tequila,whiskey and scotch but i never felt free i wanted even more , so i turned to marijuana i took my sister's cat and fed it to my piranha i took to much and went to a bar stoned i met this drunk chick , and there she got boned i felt so guilty , so i drank so I'd forget but I'm forced to live and for my sins i felt regret my family is religious , i always let them down when I'm looked at by my parents , I'm always met with a frown so i thought , "do what I want" both ways I'm going to hell i went to drug dealers , but didn't feel well i bet on dog fights , i won and made a killing but it didn't feel right , as the dogs blood was spilling i drank and smoked weed , both at one time by this instance , i was at the top of my prime it was only a matter of time , till i would commit a crime i really felt like a low life slime but finally i hit the lowest of the low as low as any person would go when i was mugging a kid , his mother attacked i threw her on the floor , and her head got cracked the boy waited for her to wake , but she never awoke for that boy's mom , in front of him she crocked i ran away and didn't get caught i should have been locked away and left to rot i wanted to confess, so that's why I'm here i feel that my end is coming near thanks for listening my good man i will go turn my self in that's my plan so god help me be a better guy so there would be no more screaming, and no one would cry Confessions to a bartender contest (ps this did not happen , i made it up)