Friendship Unbecoming

Written by: Angelina Dickson

A person one knows, likes, or trusts, Webster calls a friend
However, that is not always the case in the end
Each of those traits is in the eye of the beholder, you see
Over time, many times, people become less and less trustworthy
Depleting what's left of our integrity
Leaving us empty

Affection arising from good will and mutual esteem
Is what Webster calls the connection between you and me
A ship that sails so steadily with experience and ability
But the reality of the situation, in all actuality
Is hidden so that no one else can see
The lack of honesty that leaves nothing to believe
Taking something important far away from me

So what could Webster call what we've become, you and me
There's no confidence, no principal, or dependability
Moving, turning, changing our minds constantly
Switching positions on the battlefield, you versus me
I think I have the answer in me
The sad truth is, you see
That you and I have simply become enemies